Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Daily Manna (2/6)

Read this obituary, published in that daily-manna-staple The Economist, of the late Abbe Pierre, a French activist for the poor who accomplished that rarest of feats: he lived out his principles. Cynics be warned, this is inspiring reading.


This article, in New Scientist, debunks the widely accepted view among supplement-takers that antioxidants promote good health. Many diseases are caused by "free radicals" in the body, which, in the test tube, are nullified by the presence of antioxidants. Unfortunately, in the body, they have no such effect.


Surely this isn't the first place you're hearing this story - but on the outside chance you haven't - read the details of this bizarre case of a scorned astronaut and her jealous, cross-country, diaper-wearing, kidnap plot. I always thought astronauts were perfect!


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