Thursday, February 8, 2007

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The Euston Manifesto.

Having searched high and low for a succinct, learned stating of the proper global, pro-democractic, humanist worldview, I believe I have arrived at it. The Euston Manifesto, assembled by a group of disenchanted leftist intellectuals in Britian, is an essay worth reading in its entirety. I struggled to find fault with a single principle espoused within it. It is notable, not just for its championing of oppressed peoples worldwide, but for its straightforward denouncement of anti-Americanism, a disturbingly prevalent theme in today's leftist literature. This is not a group where the comparison between an American President, and the world's worst totalitarian dictators, will go uncriticized. That's a distinction worth making again and again. And besides that, only when great, pluralist democracies like America are held up as the standard-bearers that they are, can they then be held to account. We enthusiastically signed on in support of the Euston Manifesto. Give it a look:

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Rob A. said...

Good stuff, this manifesto!