Monday, January 29, 2007

This is Outrageous.

In this Reuters/AP article we learn that an astonishing 13% of Americans have not heard of global warming. This was the lowest level of awareness among the 42 countries surveyed, despite the fact that America is the largest producer of greenhouse gases on the planet. When I saw the link, I thought for sure it was an Onion spoof. No such luck. There is no question that President Bush's past casual attitudes towards this issue have played a role in producing this sort of humiliating national ignorance. I struggle now to recall a definitive quote, but I believe I recall Dubya smirking and laughing off global warming as late as the 2000 presidential debates, dismissively muttering something about there being no "scientific consensus". Sigh. A stubbornly scientifically-uninformed public: yet another charming feature of the Bush years!

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